Would you still stay with your SO if they became physically handicapped or lost their face in an accident?

Some people leave their SO or have have sex with others while still with their SO. But I also hear of other stories of these kind wives and husbands that stay with their loved one even if they don't have the face they used to and can't move or talk. What would you guys do of your significant other lost their face in a terrible accident or became paralyzed?

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What Guys Said 1

  • Love is stronger than that.
    I wouldn't leave my parents if something bad happened to them, why would I do it to the girl I promised to spend the rest of my life with?
    About the sex thing, if that becomes an issue, I can always jack off. ✌


What Girls Said 2

  • I heard a story of this Syrian wife, who's husband had been kidnapped or captured, not sure forgot, but returned much later in a wheel chair.
    He had become paralyzed I think due to all the tortures, an he could not speak either.
    He was a young man but yet had gotten old features, like grey hair, and so on due to tortures.

    But she remained faithful, and took care of him even after.
    No other affair, and so on.

    That's kind of wife I wanna be

  • I'd have a conversation with them and see where we stand if my love was still strong and it wasn't a factor then I'd stay! If my needs weren't being met and they agreed we'd reach some sort of a solution

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