Would you consider this spamming?

... if someone messages ALL the people who are after an item/items he has for sale and telling them that they have an/some item/items from their wantlist for sale?

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  • Well... What you're describing, here, is the whole entire purpose of "direct marketing".
    Like, think about the marketing e-mails you get from companies you've bought things from. Some (smaller) companies just send the same e-mail out to all their customers -- but, bigger companies tailor the e-mails, based on (a) what you've bought, and (b) any "wish lists" or other preferences you may have set in your account with them.


    Soooooo... I guess it depends on exactly which site you're talking about. Specifically, it depends on **what kind of vibe** or **what kind of community** the site is trying to curate.

    If the site is trying to be "social" or "community"-focused -- like, to give the impression that everyone is a "network" of "friends" -- then, this would probably be considered somewhat tacky. Because it would go against that vibe.
    With yr real-life friends, you wouldn't tell ALL yr friends about some awesome sale... you'd just tell the friends who would really appreciate that brand. Same thing here.

    On the other hand, if the site is set up to be primarily a commercial enterprise -- and if the seller you're talking about doesn't make any pretenses about this -- then, that's exactly what it is. It's just good marketing.

    • discogs is basically a place for selling and buying CDs, vinyls, etc. Also listing your collection.

    • Tx for the MHLuv <3

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  • that is the very definition of spam lol. i think xD


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  • i'd just class it as promotion but its kinda spammy

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