Any Suggestions?

Any suggestion for a first-time-job, that requires no experience and has minimal costumer interaction?

I am an introvert, and working a job the requires me to contantly socialize is draining and puts me in quite a depressed mood. I've tried retail, but it obviously wasn't for me - I was going home with mental breakdowns everyday. I am just not a social individual. I am currently working a waitress job and the anxiety I get every time I show up is just killing me. I want something better suited to me, but I don't know where to go?



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  • Look into data entry or warehousing jobs. The less customer service oriented the less stressed you'd be, but some lifting may be required for some warehousing jobs. Work in the back stockroom supplies and inventory, become a stockroom clerk.

    Here try the following links for more information:


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  • You could find a job in the security industry

    • I've thought of that, but I don't think that would work out because of who I am. I'm shy and quiet, and 108 pounds, I would never be able to bring someone down or something if I had to😅 at least I don't think, I don't know

    • Nah , never say never and don't stop believing in yourself.
      Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

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  • You could be a pharmacist. They make good money and most of them seem anti-social.