Mature answers please?

I live in the US but I am from mexico. So this happened:

I have a house in Mexico for 10 years. I am 17 years old and I live with my mom. I have a step dad but while we are in Mexico he is not here, he stays in US. So, during my living in the US since now I only come to visit to Mexico cause I study in US my neighbors did something I do not appreciate it. Since they are always looking to what to find out, meaning they sit outside their houses to gossip and talk sh*t about everyone. So, since 4 years straight I did not visit mexico they had to drama or lies or a "victim" to critize. They decided to create something. They did a photoshop of my face in a naked body of some random girl to make it seem like it's a nude of mine. One of the ladies contacted my mom saying I sent a photo to his son and if she wanted to see it, my mom got sent the pic and she got mad at me as her first reaction but then got furious at them cause she knows how they are. So, I disappeared from my social media for couple of months so they had nothing else to grab on. But we were in the US and all that was happening in Mexico. I was so upset cause not only did they make it but they spread the pic around the neighborhood. I am in Mexico now. This happened in 2015, but as I arrived I am seen as a h*e and a sl*t and since my cousin goes to one of the best schools in the state. 2 girls from the neighborhood got in it and one of them saw my mom trying to make me apply to that school since now we will live here for a while. To make story short, I bet the girls will spread the pic thing around and I will be bullied around.

What should I do about this people and what do you think about the situation?
I am so depressed about it cause it's messed up what they did. Please mature answers it's a serious issue.

Thank you. 😔


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  • You know that is not you... I think that is important but I dont know how to solve outside. I was given a bad name too in my brother's group. They thought me starting to learn bad but I met them while we grow up they said sorry.
    It is not big deal in audlt world actually
    Hope you can be shameless more I only can say so trying to make you understand.


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  • Where I'm from, that's illegal, and your horrid neighbours would get in heaps of trouble, especially if they were over 18. What would happen if you went to the police?
    I hope everyone realizes that they are just mean gossips and does not believe them

    • The neighbors some believed them. Now, if I go to the groseries or out cause there is a park across my house. I usually sit there with my cousins since they live right next to me. They look at the then they look away once I look back or they talk in eachother's ears. I feel disgusted with myself even if I didn't take that picture.

    • Did they do a really good job of the photoshopping? Maybe there is a mistake that shows it's fake, like a wonky background or mismatching skin-tone or the shadows are wrong, or something different about the body, like you have a birthmark on your leg or something? Something to give you confidence that you could prove this thing is fake in an instant, if anyone ever brings it up
      Truth is truth, and truth is eternal, but this lie is temporary and you can rise above it. Please don't let it make you depressed, you know you're better than this! Surely your cousins don't believe this lie? Your mum doesn't... maybe she could help - maybe by talking to the neighbours and getting them to get rid of the pictures?

  • Im sorry this happened to you,
    Your neighbors are the worst. But at the end of the day people think what they want to think. You can tell them it was not real and I think there's a way to find out if it was photo shopped or not. But you know who you are and im sure you have friends and will make friends that know that too.
    If those girl aren't mature enough to go about there own lives, than fuck them.
    Plus in college, nobody gives a shit about you do. I have met girls that have slept with 100's of guys and nobody bats an eye.
    Trust me nobody will listen or care

    • Thank you! It was a hard 2015. Mostly cause they can use the picture and ruin my future more than they did my present. I don't get why they did it. They know me since I was 7 years old and doing that really messed me up. My self steem even if I didn't take the pic

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    • My boyfriend is Mexican and the town he's from is incredibly small with no Internet so people like to gossip there a lot and everybody talks because they don't have nothing better to do

    • It's close to Jalisco. It's a busy state. But it's the area and my neighborhood the people in it. Everyday if me or my mom step outside our house and they are there standing they turn around and even sometimes laugh. I don't understand how people can be like that. That lady who sent the pic to my mom has a daughter. Imagen if it was the daughter in my place. She wouldn't like it.. So why if they are mothers, don't have respect? I feel mostly bad for my mom. Cause we are good people. We are respectful and we are sure we don't deserve this treatment. We were always nice and really respectful to them.