Did you Celebrate World Patriarchy Day - 18th October - Which activities?

It's a new day of celebration that began against the left and feminism. Which ways to express your support for world patriarchy day did you indulge in?

1) Flirt with every female retail staff you encounter (they tell you they hate but they die without it)
2) Cat call at least 5 women a day (is there no greater lie than a woman that is pretending to be offended because a man thinks she is hot)
3) Manspread everywhere
4) Play video games
5) Tell a woman why she is wrong, be sure to hold the door open for her when she leaves
6) Buy a truck
7) Vote for Donald Trump
8) Leave the seat up
9) Drink beer and eat steak
10) If you have any female colleagues, classmates or friends. Refer to them as "Darling". All day
11) Wear cargo shorts
12) Violate a safe space
13) When asked to pick up the check. Pay 79 cents to the $.
14) Install an actual glass ceiling in your home


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  • No better way to tell the world you use Lavitra and have small hands.