I feel someone is listening to me talk through my phone?

So here's the thing... Someone has my number and email address, Recently they've been updating statuses about things I've talked about offline. For a minute I thought maybe I've accidently clicked Livestatus.. but no... it could very well be one coincidence too many.
But this person has a friend, they both seem like sane people, so why would they invade my privacy like that? I'm thinking of keeping my phone off 90% of the time, While tomorrow I will change my number, email, and , reset my phone :/...

Once I figured they had my email when they updated a status calling me broke subliminally because my email said I overdrafted my account. This happened twice.

The other day and car that looks similar to there's pulled in the parking lot, the driver got out and went inside metro pcs so I didn't see the face (In my phone I took a pic of that metro pcs with the moving body machine in front) but they stayed in the park n lot until I left, I parked my car after coming from meineke on the other side. Then they drove to port of subs but the driver was hesitant to get out.. I loozed and waited until I got distracted, I see them getting back in the car, but didn't get to see the body, just the door shut -.-
Thenn I drove across the street to the car wash, and instead of them driving home, they drove back in front of Metro and sat there which was in direct view of the car wash, they never got out. Eventually they drove off..

But I wonder if they knew I'd be there that day...

What do you think?


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  • Who gives fuck there is a lot of more interesting shit to litsen to. Its not like they litsen to you who have time for that

  • they did and until you and a friend approach them they won't stop, thats stalker type stuff.

    • I really wouldnot put anymore thoughts or fears in this persons mind dude.

    • @tues_clues i dont mean give her a bad impression its just to many kids go missing now a days in the news, and i figure anything i can say or to help is worth a sentence or two.

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  • I'm not trying to be disrespectful but you sound very paranoid... do you think it's possible you have paranoid schizophrenia? the reason I'm asking is because it makes ZERO SENSE that someone would go to such great lengths to do those things. Do you know how rare it is for someone to be bugged, stalked and hacked? I don't know Hun, really no disrespect but I think you need to see a psychiatrist.

    • Definitely not schizo its just a question... you said do you know how rare it is, which mean it can happen.. Do I have to be schizophrenic just because I feel I'm being stalked? Are you saying that stalking is rare?

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    • No disrespect as I originally said. The fact that you would say you hope you go missing to go viral just proves that you're fucking oblivious.

    • I said if.. 🙄