I come across as a bossy person, am I wrong in these kind of situations?

I walked into a high end camera store. The guy was so rude... it's not even funny. I know I come across as a very bossy person but I wasn't insulting to him specifically.

He even insulted my photography teacher by saying she doesn't know what she's talking about. In the end I got so annoyed I was like I'm going to wait in the car. He also added when I inquired about classes, "Oh you don't need those, I mean you have all to learn in those amazing photography classes you're taking."

The thing is with these kind of characters is I KNOW they don't get into trouble with others a lot. Most people are probably very tippy toey around them sensing that they are bullies you don't want ot mess with.


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  • You know, if people are very often reacting poorly to you in this way, then I have to think that it's something you're doing to rub people the wrong way. The thing is, there's no way to tell in just this post because there's not nearly enough information here. Have you asked your friends to give you a blunt, honest answer about this aspect of your personality?

    • I agree that there is a good chance I rub people the wrong way. But I always notice, the likelihood of people behaving this way is much much more when I'm not dressed 'rich' etc.

      So it really is a reflection of that person as opposed to me

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  • sometimes you gotta be conforntal and that is fine, nothing wrong w it at all cause with some people there is no other way to make it work for you
    noone should disrespect you and you shouldn't allow it