What Would YOU Do in This Situation?

So, I'm moving in with a mate next year (yay...)

She lives with my boyfriends older sister who is... estranged from the family. Lots of shit going on there.

They're both horrid at housekeeping. The friend won't even do the dishes, but she'll keep her mess in her room, the bfs sister is terrible at keeping tidy but she does the dishes everyday.

The friend is always home, never leaves the house except to go to Uni. The bfs sister is always either at Uni or at work.

I visited for my mates birthday, and stayed the weekend with my boyfriend and his younger sister, the older sister was at work most of the time, which is fair, bills still have to be paid.

I elected to make dinner Sat night, because I felt like cooking and my mate can't cook for shit, so I asked her to do the dishes in the sink so I'd have more roome to work. I cleaned the benches, threw out a bunch of empty food things. Threw away a few bits of rotten food... it was disgusting. But my mate refused, said she'd do the dishes after dinner, even after I explained that I needed the sink clear.

We got in an argument over it and I ended up calling her a lazy shit and that the dishes would never get done if her housemate wasn't doing them all the time. My mate lived on her own at one point and the dishes would get done maybe once a fortnight. It was disgusting. She used to literally leave orange peels on the other side of her bed for weeks because she couldn't be fucked getting up.

So yeah, I yelled at her, she got pissy, either because I was yelling at her, or because she KNEW I was right and didn't want to face it. So she walked off into her room and I had to get my boyfriend to do the dishes because by this point it was 6:30 and we were all hungry.

Dinner was done, she got huffy because I told her she wouldn't be eating in her room. Then she washed the dinner dishes after I guilt tripped her for making my boyfriend wash them earlier. (I dried them)

I'm going to be LIVING with this -_-

What would you do?


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  • This is why I stopped living with my brothers.

    • Yeah I will never be able to live with family again after I move out.

      No matter how desperate I get. Not. Living. With. Family.

  • Your istake if you live with her.

    • Honestly have nowhere else to go.

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    • Wow, that is a lot to put up with. I wish you luck with all of this.

    • @PlainJane86 le-sigh... thankyou.

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