Should I put this job that I worked at for a few days on my new job application?

Like a miracle, I saw a posting for a job which needs an immediate assistant for an accounting firm. It is small-sized so probably not that competitive too.

Unfortunately I have NO experience at all. I am thinking maybe this firm which I worked at a few days, got 'fired' from (unfair dismissal because I was an amazing worker, but I knew more than the boss and it affected his ego), is the key to get in. I did work with financial statements there.

I am just concerned that if it comes up, I may not have a good enough reason to say why I quit.

I am not really saying I was overall a more experienced person. I wasn't.

However the 'boss' had a HUGE ego. I am pretty sure he didn't like me for this reason.


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  • No. Especially if you were fired.

    It's possible you knew more than your boss, but not likely. And even if you DID, if you say that in an interview they're not going to even consider you.

    • Let me rephrase I can understand how this may have come across as arrogant.

      The boss didn't like me. He thought I was one of those know-it-all kind of people.

      I once 'hurt' his ego, and I don't feel guilty at all because I realize that he was being patronizing towards me LONG before I did that.

      Their excuse for letting me go was there was not enough work. That's a lie, they know it, I know it, and it is what it is. However, it's a lie I can use against them.

      If they're not willing to own up to the fact that they hired me because of some 'bad' reason, why should I?

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    • Ugh, I don't know why I bothered to try to help you. Good luck.

    • Right back at ya. I don't know why I bothered to write a more detailed explanation hoping you would understand why I was upset. You've already made up your mind. Good bye.

  • "Knew more than the boss"...
    Uh yeah... that's hilarious. Good luck on your job search 😂😂😂😂😂

    • I'm serious. I had a stronger accounting background. And I didn't mean as in I know more than him in general, I mean I hurt his ego when I pointed out certain things.

      The 'boss' was well aware that I was an intelligent person. When I was 'let go' of they didn't say it was because I was a bad candidate. They said because there was not enough work in the fall term. Which is interesting, because if they're not owning up to something it means it's THEIR lie and I can use it against them.

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    • Hmm but I didn't do anything wrong lol. I'm not at all the type of person who would demand a company to give time off to me for my own selfish reasons. The new company might be like well if she's like that the same problem is going to happen here.

      I could just say what I learned and also state that I really wanted a more full-time position where I could learn a lot but unfortunately the company was short on workload for that fall term (which is what they told me in their 'email') so I thought it was best to move on to opportunities where I have more of a full-time role.

    • If you think that will work go ahead. The caveat is most companies know that low workload is just HR talk for "we don't want you here" and they will see you as a fires employee instead of one who walked away on her own terms.
      Leaving on your own and under good pretenses with your previous employer is always a positive with your new potential employer. If they have the sense that you had conflict with your last employer or left under duress they will pass you by quickly because they have so many applicants that can fill their needs that don't bring drama to the company , so be very careful how you approach this

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