I've been thinking about dropping high school for a little while now?

Recently I've been re thinking my priorities. what I like, don't like, what I'm good at or not good at, I only been doing so simply be cause I've been wanting to drop out since my sophomore year. Im not quitting, I just don't see the point. Now recently I've been through a lot of sh*t in my life and I now live with an extended family (God mother), big house, my own room, I love it. I go to an arts school. Here's the issue. Im starting to absolutely HATE IT and not see the point and don't feel bennifitted. I am a junior, my major is visual arts. There's always so many assignments which is fine. But I have a limited very limited amount of time to do them and all my work doesn't look good if it's limited , very limited time I'm talking 3 days with regular home work on top of it. I feel bad because I never have time to make my on art, or write, or create any music. In regards to college I honestly don't want to go. And even if I did, study what? LIKE WHAT? Im not doing fine arts, hell no, I'm not doing animation I can't even animate and graphic desighn? What the... But honestly even if I did want to go, my first quarter grades already suck. And I've just lost so much care into school. I used to always get As and Bs, now... it's like I can't make myself care anymore. Im not sure what to do and I don't want to make a big mistake in my life. I want want to be satisfied and happy. I wrote this log question Because I have no one to talk to about this and it's scaring me so much. It's like I don't enjoy my art class anymore and I just can't find myself in school anymore... I don't even go to dances. School events, clubs , or anything, I'm just not into it. I just want to do my own thing. But I feel like id fail but I'm already doing bad in school so am I destined for failure?

Please be nice. No mean opinions.


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  • I have had that feeling since my 2nd year of college. There is just nothing there.
    However I do highly suggest that you stay in school till after highschool. Otherwise you will be greatly missing out on job opportunities once you reach 18.
    Transfer to a public highschool. You will have less work and less stress.
    Last semester I lost my love of art. Before I enjoyed it and art classes. After I got ground into the dirt in 2 of them. I just don't feel anything when I'm drawing. I feel the need to but I just don't enjoy it or feel anything for it. In my classes I learned how to not worry about my lines, my drawing, or if I got it right. As long as I pleased the teacher for the grade. After class I scanned my drawings and burned them. I hated them all from those classes. I took a semester off of college to try and find something that I can like and enjoy in art so I could finish my degree. So far nothing. However I still have to go back.

    Try talking your parents into letting you work for a semester instead of school. Trust me you will learn to hate work a lot more than school.
    What do your parents say about it?


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  • You NEED to stay in school. I cannot emphasize this enough.

    Talk to your godmother and ask to look into seeing a therapist and possibly talking to your doctor about depression. Leaving school will be a huge mistake that you can't come back from easily if at all.

    • Sorry going to jump on the wagon here since the topics closed.

      You really should transfer to a regular school or a charter school. Charter schools have very little work, little class time (mostly independant study) and allow you to maintain a job if you like.

      here's the deal: very few 16 year olds have an idea what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Most people dont figure that out until 22-25 some will take even more time than that. You too focused on this.

      Regular high school is designed for kids who dont know what they want to do. Thats why you're required to do math, science, history, gym etc so you have the educational foundation when your ready to enter the work force, when you do figure out whar you want to do. They also have career counselors to help yoy figure that out if your concerned. You need a diploma or GED to get into college. College electives will help you decide what it is that you want to do.

      But dropping out is like choosing to fail. And doing

    • Nothing will only cause you depression to get worse. People need work/school, schedule and routine for their mental health.

      If you choose to drop out and get a job you will quickly learn why people hate costumer service. Its a pretty depressing thought to think you could get stuck doing that the rest of your life.

      Please look into getting your G. E. D. or going to another school before giving up. If you go to another school and still arnt happy after a month, at least you can say you tried instead of giving up.

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  • You are not going to get anywhere in life without a high school diploma. You will have the rest of your life working dead end jobs and living below the poverty line to regret your foolish youthful decision if you drop out. Eventually you might see the light and go to night school to finish and get your diploma, finally putting yourself on par with 18 year olds, except you'll be in your 20s or 30s.

    Even if you aren't sure if you want to go to college yet, finish high school. You can then go out and get a job while you figure out what you want from life.

  • Why don't you go to a regular high school instead of a visual arts school?

    • Id have the same issue in regular school of not knowing what to do but at least I'd enjoy art a lot more

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    • I mean, do what you want, but if you probably wanna figure that shit out beforehand. Especially considering you're going into the market without even obtaining a high school diploma. You're probably going have to do a shit ton of freelancing, which is kinda unstable. I don't wanna burst your bubble, either, but I mean it's high school. It's not that hard. I didn't exactly give a shit about grades or school by my junior year, but I do think it says a few things if you can grind out doing something you aren't exactly into... no one likes high school 😑. Plus, you're going to an arts school. Not gonna shit on arts, cause I did theater, cad, chorus and shit and the work can be time consuming, but it's not like most of your classes seem to be filled with calculus or French. Plus most graphic design based jobs seem to require at least a bachelor's degree as well

      But if you can make it work, power to ya 👍

    • No. Im not right for adulthood. its better I cut the line soon. I think my time is running short any. I might as well kill myself. Whether I graduate or go to college I'm going to be shit anyway lol

  • So you're going to drop out and do what then?

    • Here's the issue, I'm going to stay in school and do what then? : Then I have people pressuring me to go to college and I don't even know what to study. U already know what I want to do I'm just not sure if I'd be successful or not

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    • No I won't
      Im horrible my Grades suck and I'm shit in my art class. I fucking hate myself. Im a waste of life why the fuck was I even born if I can't even do shit right.

    • You were born because your parents had unprotected sex and didn't abort. If you're looking for some existential reason... There isn't one.

      If you feel feel can't do shit right, dropping out will only perpetuate that cycle, not prevent it. I hated school and almost bombed high school because it was boring and (I felt) pointless. While the former is true, the latter is not. You're almost done with school, just finish it then figure out what you want to do beyond that.

  • Think of it this way: what the hell are you going to do without diploma?

  • Hard work, pays off. You just don't have the hard work ethic right now.

    • What do u mean

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    • You will fail, if you don't do your work

    • Take this from someone, who almost did flunk out

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