Was this jewellery guy being rude? I don't understand why?

I bought a $600 pearl necklace today.

The guy who showed it to me was being quite rude. He asked if it was for me and gave me this shocked, almost whatever look. I was annoyed. I told him what was mine was my mother's and it was my mother's as much as it was mine.

When I said the one I had on was good, he said yes the other one was... and he kept fumbling with the word. I dared him to say delicate. He said 'conservative.' I don't know what the hell that meant. When I was trying the other necklace, I lowered my high neck top a little to see if the necklace looked good on my skin. It looked stunning.

After I was done he screamed, "NEXT" I was like what the fuck is this dumbass's problem?

I almost wondered if he was jealous or something. I wasn't dressed amazing that day, and he was probably surprised that a 23 year old is getting to buy a necklace that expensive.

When my dad said he earned for us (like the children) he didn't even try to make himself sound sincere in his reply he just nodded it off.

He was fine to my dad


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  • Congratulations you have experienced first hand that people are assholes for the sake of just being assholes.

    • What did he mean by that conservative comment? I really don't get it.

      The thing is my DAD was standing right there. Why would he behave like that in front of my dad.

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    • Yeah. I'm pretty sure he looked down on me, and was jealous or something because he didn't think (something about me or maybe the low key way in which I was dressed) really deserved to get a $600 necklace.

    • Send him a letter to the haters club then lol. Give him more of a reason to be a rude jerk. Haha

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  • He sounds like the "Soup Nazi" in Seinfeld.
    Are you sure this dude wasn't gay? They can be arrogant, no matter where they stand.
    For 600 bucks, he should have kissed your buttocks in Macy's window.
    Don't go back for any more jewels. He was no gem.

    • He may be gay and a liberal.

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    • Ohhh, okay, it was like "It's my Way or the freaking Highway," this Liberal though. hahaxx

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • You were probably taking too much time.

    Also, $600 for jewelry? I can buy so many things with more utility for that amount of money.

    • Nope I bought it instantly so that's not it

  • Conservative means "boring." Terrible sells man. Never insult a client.

    • I almost feel like he personally had a grudge against me.

      The thing is, I've often been told delicate jewellery doesn't look good on me. It's true it doesn't.

      However if he said conservative just because I lowered my high top a little to see how the necklace looked on my skin... that guy needs to die.

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    • I don't know. It's your story and you can interpret the experience anyway you like. Nice talking to you! You seem like a nice person! Good night! (o:

    • Thank you. Good night :)

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  • Please google that word.