If you had all the money in the world to spend to learn things what would you learn?

Some ideas I have in mind:

1. How to make chocolate.
2. How to learn more about fashion
3. How to bake
4. How to swim

So much the list goes on and on. I mean I guess my parents who are rich because I didn't enjoy my life much when I was younger, they feel bad and know I'm passionate about learning new things. So they're funding it, in fact I'm trying to encourage mom to come with me too.


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  • 1) All foreign languages - that way I can keep the peace and be diplomatic around the world
    2) All medical procedures - so I can save people from dying.
    3) How to secure computer systems so they can't be hacked into and people can freely use the internet/computers
    4) Electrical techniques and procedures in terms of implementing power in a building/house

    This is all that I can think of for now. Granted, my brain would have to be good enough to contain all of this information on a continual basis so I don't forget it.


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  • I'd flip houses, or open a dog rescue/homeless shelter where the homeless can volunteer with the animals in exchange for a bed and food.


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  • you dont need money to learn about any of the things you listed

    you're posting this question, so you have access the internet..


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  • All the money in the world? Finish paying my current degree, save money for other degrees that I want, travel around the world. And finally settling in a nice place.