Can you PLEASE share who do you think won the Third Presidential Debate?

Just wanted to get the most votes possible if you will...

According to the CNN polls, Hillary won... This poll was based on 547 registered voters:

But then according to The Washington Times poll, Donald Trump won the debate... This poll is a public opinion vote and it's still open, in case you're interested to cast your vote there:

  • Donald Trump won the Third Presidential Debate
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  • Hillary Clinton won the Third Presidential Debate
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  • It's a tie!
    Vote C
  • Neither won. I disliked them both
    Vote D
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Wanted to get more votes but thanks to whoever voted 😊


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What Girls Said 2

  • TRUMP for Sure
    It's been Announced but Next week, the Numbers will Prove what His own 'Numbers' Are and how Far.
    Good luck and Great question, @bedroomdweller xx

  • Those "who won the debate" polls bother me so much because when people answer, they don't sit down and think who actually was the stronger debater, they just vote for whichever candidate they support!

    I think it really doesn't matter. Those people who just blindly say "my candidate won the debate" clearly already have their minds made up and no poll result will change that.
    As for undecided voters, (if they are smart) then they watched the debate for themselves, and saw for themselves who had the stronger performance.

    • Who do you think won?

    • I think Hillary "won" because Donald was so bad. He had so many interruptions/interjections (far more than her), he denied saying things in the past when there is clear proof he said them, and he seemed to ignore what Hillary said and just repeat his first point. A strong debater listens to their opponent, and then offers a counter-point. I don't think he did that. He just said whatever he wanted to.

      Again, keep in mind you asked who won the DEBATE, so it's not about which points you agree with, but how the candidates brought up their points and addressed them. It doesn't matter if you agree with what Hillary said or believe her, but the fact that she was more composed than Donald.

What Guys Said 1

  • Donald Trump tends to win online polls because the fervour of his fans - The last two debates were quite close to a tie, I would give debate 2 to Donald and debate 3 to Hillary but he sucked oxygen out of gains last night by a bad answer to the accepting result. Even if he had said unless something strange had happened he would accept them. That gave him option to challenge if he wanted to.