What is with this logic?

I heard girls saying that if a guy hits a girl in self defense he should be expected to fight stronger men? what logic is that? IT WAS SELF DEFENSE, what is the aim of fighting a stronger person so he will hurt himself or what? what is the logic of this girl? it is a girl on here GAG but i won't mention who said that.


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  • That really doesn't make any sense. Since its the Internet, maybe she's having trouble articulating herself? If we're talking about self-defense, why even bring up fighting other people? That's not what the topic is lol. She's going off topic.

    • She seemed very violent on men, and even talked about putting them to hospital.

    • hmmm okay well that doesn't sound like a normal person lol.

      I agree with anonman32, if you need to resort to violence in self defense then do it, but use as little force as possible. a super strong guy can defend himself against a smaller guy without really hurting the smaller guy.

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  • if you are attacked the attacker must be brought to a stop in as few movements and as little time as possible. no act of violence should be tolerated no matter how small or insignificant it is and no matter how strong and powerful you may be. the human body has pressure points that can take you out in only one hit from any untrained person for this reason one must not discriminate between gender or physical strength. all attackers should be dealt with with the same mindset and the same principles.