What do you think of the state Michigan? Ever been there?

If you have been to Michigan what part have you been to? ☺

  • I have been there and I liked it.
  • I have been there and I didn't like it.
  • I have never been there, but would like to go.
  • I have never been there and don't want to go.
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  • We went to Pinnconning and it was beautiful and really cold! Went in feburary. I'd go back. I thought Detroit was aweful, graffiti everywhere. At least what I could see from the interstate.

    • Yeah, I feel like when people here Michigan they automatically think of Detroit or Flint. But there are so many great cities Grand Rapids, Holland, Traverse City and others. And even some suburbs of Detroit are beautiful. The U. P. is amazing for the nature and beautiful views. I love Michigan

    • Yes we have a chance to buy a tad land so we 're going to! I live in the south and always have so it'll take some getting used to the cold but I'm willing to just because it's gorgeous and very peaceful!

    • Awsome😊

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  • Never been, but I'll be driving through in a couple weeks. I've heard its nice.