Why would a guy do this? Is he an oddball?

So I have had on again off again crushes on him.

I saw him on a special day and seemed irritable and annoyed. He was definitely listening on to my conversation with my mother even though he probably didn't understand a word.

At this after-party, he kept crossing my table so I just looked straight at him annoyed. He looked at me out of the corner of his eye, realized my stare was aggressive, smiled to himself and looked away. When I came back from outside, he just kept looking at me straight wide-eyed. I ruffled my hands through my hair grabbed my purse and walked out.

Likes me? Bored? what is it lol

he used to be my ex-tutor
What do you think?


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  • He has probably noticed you like him at times and he's trying to send you signals the way only us awkward guys can do. Try to talk to him and help hm relax!

    • He used to be my ex-tutor so he knows who I am. Does he like me?

  • That's an odd story.

    • The guy used to be my tutor. It's actually really funny because I hardly needed a tutor. But I don't think he really realized just how smart I was.

      That time was just not a good term for me to be at school and hence the tutor.

      I wonder if he likes me.

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    • But I wasn't nice to him. I wasn't mean to him but i wasn't nice.

      I don't understand why he looked away smiling to himself lol

    • Who knows? Good luck!

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  • well you'd make a perfect couple.