I find that while speaking I occasionally mix up the order of the words or mix words together on accident. Does this happen to you?

For instance: Earlier today I asked a friend if they were going to the gun show soon, but what came out of my mouth was are you going to the "gun sow shoon".

This happens to me maybe once a day, and I find it somewhat annoying when it happens. I've noticed that it mainly happens when I start a conversation and have already thought of what I wanted to say, rather than just responding to natural conversation. When I hear it I find I have to stop myself and re-phrase what I just said because it makes no sense whatsoever.

Does this ever happen to you?

P. S. I have a high reading level, and am capable of giving 5-7 minute memorized speeches, but for whatever reason these verbal transpositions happen often enough for it to bother me.


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  • It's called a spoonerism, and is quiet common. A famous one goes mardon me padam, but you're spitting in the wrong woo, this pie is ocupued mollow fee and and I'll sew you to a sheet in the Lear of the church.


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  • Yeah it happens to me too. It has lots of reasons.


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