Desperate for help rn, anyone good at GEOMETRY?

Im taking a test and thought I was doing pretty well until I kept going, I really need to maintain my A in this class, so help please if you can


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  • A ______ B
    D---------- C

    ***Remember the traits of a parrallelogram. The opposite angles are equal to each other.***

    This means angle m<DAB is equal to m<DCB.
    5x = x+52 Solve for x
    (5x - x) = 52 Subtract x from both sides. Generally, it is a good idea to get all the variables on side in an equation. For geometry classes, usually factoring, combination, or simple solves for x (like this one are used).
    4x = 52
    4x/4 = 52/4
    x = 13

    So x = 13. This question was testing mostly if you knew the definition of a parallelogram, so remember that!

    • Ohhhhhhh thank you! I think I got that... where exactly did the 4 come from?

    • 5x - x.
      If you have five of something (x), and take away one of them, you are left with four. 5-1= 4.

      It is implied when there is a lone variable (x in this instance) that there is actually a 1 in front of it. So here x is 1x. They are the same thing because the coefficient (number in front of the variable) is multiplied times the variable... And anything times 1 is itself.

  • What's the question?


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