Would you ever help a friend cover up for a crime?

True story that happened to me people... In my defense, I didn't have to "cover up" anything but still...

A few months ago, a really good friend of mine called me, we had spent the day together and I had just gotten back home, and she told me that she'd hit a guy with her car (he was riding a motorcycle) and ran away, she said she didn't know how bad it was because she'd freaked out and didn't even stop to check the damage she'd caused, then she asked me what to do? I asked her where she was and she said she was home.. So, as bad as this is gonna sound, I told her to just forget about it and not go back..
now before you all start criticizing me, understand my reasoning: 1) She had already ran away, if anyone had seen her, and then if she came back, things could go bad for her.. She needed to commit to her initial decision 2) it had already been a while considering she was home, so chances were the guy had been found already, or someone must've called an ambulance for him.

Now, whoever doesn't believe in Karma, needs to start doing just that, because not two weeks ago, this same friend had a car accident (not surprising, considering the way she drives, that girl is a menace, and I'm not saying this as a joke, she really is a public danger, and this is something I've told her several times), any way, she had a car accident, and the driver who hit HER, ran away too.. She's not dead or anything, but she was unconcious the first night she spent in the hospital, she has a broken arm and her neck is really hurt... Everyone was freaking out (myself included).. SO, she's my freidn and I LOVE her, but I guess what goes around really does comes around.

P. S: we never knew what ever happened to that poor man, I still think of him sometimes and pray he's okay :( What would you have done in this case?


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  • it depends on the crime. if it's sexual assault then for sure I will report him to the police but if it's a robbery I won't.


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  • Absolutely not. For two reasons:
    1. Knowingly not reporting a crime is in itself a serious felony in my country.
    2. I absolutely HATE these people who injure other people with their car and simply drive away. I don't give a rat's ass how "freaked out" you are. You get your ass out of that car and help the injured person. I could do that even if I was freaking out. I really hate these people... I think I hate them more than rapists. It's such a coward thing to do.


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  • I would because my friend help me too.
    I had a fight with my boyfriend and I push him but he fell on the stair and go in coma. My friends cover up for me and said it was him.

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