What would you do if your crush/partner has skin picking disorder?

If you don't know what skin picking is, it's when you pick/scratch at your skin or scabs until its bleeding and eventually you get scars. It's not related to depression in most cases but it's a compulsive behavior that is really difficult to control.
If your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend did this, how would you react? Would you accept it and just ignore it? Try to make them stop? Be disgusted? Break up?


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  • I will just try to help her to change her bad habit and if possible I will take her to a dermatologist/ skin specialist. I just need to love her more , so I will do whatever is possible to help her and keep her happy.


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  • Well, I actually have it and a little ashamed of it! Ha. Heard nothing but insults about it all my life so I don't expect anybody to necessarily like it but if I had a partner with the same kinda thing going on, even if it were worse of course it's not gonna be a big deal to me. If we connect we connect.

    • Same. I have had skin picking disorder since I was small. Seems it runs in the family because my mom and grandma do it too! I wish I could stop it but I just can't unless I cover it up with bandaids or covering clothes.