Have you ever used Missed Connections? If so what's your story and did it work out?

So.. there is this thing on Craigslist called missed connections. Its location based, so that helps. You can write basically an anonymous love letter out into the world in search of whoever you were interested in, in hopes that they will check it and you guys can connect. There are so many posts about meeting people randomly at work, gym, the store. Or not even meeting but being attracted to that person.
So have you ever wrote a missed connection, if so what was it about and did they ever respond?


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  • i di a few years back but in sure its deleted by now or something but the admins lol but when i was 18 i had a girl friend who was 17. i was stupid and things went down hill. i regret that now. i think of her still but i know she has a family and some kids. so im sure she has a great life.


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  • I like to scribble mine into the sand, letting the waves wash it all away and sparing myself the embarrassment.

    "Dear juicy, sweet clementines of last December,

    Where have you gone? I miss you. Remember how you stained my crispy white t-shirt that one day at the park? I still think about it too.

    If you come back to me, I'm all yours. Hell, I'd even ONS the fuck outta you if that's all I can get.


    Easy Peeler"


    • Dang are you a writer or a comedian? haha. I love it

    • I'm a writer, yeah. :)

      But I don't make jokes about my oranges. ;)

  • Nope never have.


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