Mixed feelings about a dream with someone I know who happens to be the same sex?

So I had this dream about someone I know (she was one of my basketball coaches when I was in high school but now I work with her as a coach), and it was sort of romantic. Like we didn't do anything, just the whole vibe of the dream felt romantic. It kind of weirded me out because well first I have to see her a few times a week, second she's probably a little over 10 years older than me, and third I'm straight so the whole idea of being with a girl isn't my thing (not that I'm against it).

I know it was a harmless dream but for some reason I can't stop thinking about it. The weird thing is when I think about it, I feel like I'm actually contemplating what it'd be like if we were together (how our personalities mesh, that kind of thing). And now I'm kind of freaked out about having to see her (which happens to be tomorrow). Any insight on how to handle my situation?


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  • Happens to be the same sex? Girls usually go older in relationships. It's just a new feeling to you and the first reaction is uncomfortable. Our minds at times desire what is unnatural in our normal train of thought..

    • But is it weird that we had a more teacher-student relationship before we started working together? I think that part is the hardest for me to get past. Especially now that the whole thing could actually be a possibility (even if incredibly small).

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    • That helps a lot, thank you!

    • I would ask you for a follow, but I see you asked anon.. You're welcome! Glad to help

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