Do you find this video scary? 😨?


I don't even know how I ended up watching this video but I watched it and it scares me!!! I don't understand why it feels so creepy.

What do you think? o_o

  • yeah it's creepy 👀!
  • no.
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  • Yes its creepy! his face just looking at the camera is creepy o_o

    • Exactly!! Finally someone understood what I meant... not the whole story about cheating... but simply his staring back at you is soo freakishly creepy.. something uneasy about it...

    • haha yeah, i didn't really care about the story behind it, the face itself was just scary looking, *shudders* his face almost doesn't even look human o_o

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  • It depends if you believe the stories of people hiding in your house maybe but the fact he was a cheater seems much more likely

    • Hmm neither the story nor the hiding scares me... what seems creepy is that guys face there looking out πŸ‘€!! Creepy!!!

  • this is a really old news. and im pretty sure someone did this on purpose. because nobody is soo damn stupid these days

    • and if it's old? and if it's fake? I don't know if it's old or real… that's not the point…

      simply it popped up and i ended up watching this and it's creepy as hell! and I disagree with you, there are more stupid people in this world than there smart or even average.

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    • and just think for a second with your brain, that why would the guy wants to be appear in the photo when he knows that his husband is gonna capture a pic?

    • Wow... the ignorance...

  • yeah! it very scary how a girl can be so horrible and easily cheat on a guy.

    • Well.. who knows how ugly the boyfriend was πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ‘»!!

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    • ha ha very funny, but it takes a lot of time on this site to get gift cards.

    • 😯😯😯😭😭😭... eh~! :[!

  • Ok first of all that's anatomically impossible and lol at comment "this video could have been wrapped up in 12 second but gotta stretch it with shitty intro".

    • oooh yeah and the song is creepy as hell too!! xD I was just doing my paper work and this song playing in the back ground then i look and it's this video!! that dude's eye freaks me the hell out… fake or not… it's so creepy! maybe i am the only one scared about this…

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