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okay so since some of you won't believe me. I'm having haunted experiences in my house. My house is haunted, my whole family knows too. but only in my room weird things happen. Like this morning around 1am, I called my mom and asked why she left my bedroom door open and she said she didn't even come up stairs. (she puts 2 baby gates up so my dog won't get out of her room cause the dog likes to make a mess), and its somewhat scaring me. I asked my grandpa and my aunt and they said when they slept up in the room either the ghost would mess with the handles or it would open the door when you were asleep. My mom even said when she slept up in that room with me and my aunt when I was a baby (maybe 12 months-13 months). My aunt would sleep at the end of the bed and we'd wake up to my fuzzy blanket over by the closet every single morning when we woke up... Like I said, this morning around 1 am I woke up and my door was partially open. My mom came up stairs to get me cause I was scared (I'm 15 lol) and she said when she was laying in bed after me and my little sister fell asleep. she heard a lot of noise coming from up stairs. (Two bedrooms and a bathroom are upstairs, but my little sister sleeps with my mom so I'm the only one upstairs). she said it was probably the ghost wondering where I was. WE believe the two ghost are a young female, and her child cause when we first Bought the house the police came busting through asking if we seen the previous owner cause his kid and girlfriend went missing and we said no. (we didn't even know who owned it before us.) (this was in 1998) so I wasn't even born but my grandpa told me the story and yeah.. They're not bad. My mom told me a story where her ex boyfriend used to abuse her and the ghost tried scaring him away so yeah.. I've been crying lately cause me and my boyfriend have been arguing and my mom said maybe they're just checking up on me to make sure I'm okay, but I just wanna know what I can do so I won't be scared.


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  • Just move out asap


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  • Try moving out