What is with Trump and underage girls?

Pedophilia isn't even a blocker with you all.


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  • What's with you and reading biased news sources?

    • There is a video of him saying he will be dating the 10 year old in 10 years.

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    • Lol he ain;t got a snowballs chance in hell of winning.

    • Your candidate is great dude! But he won't win. Who cares tho the world is going to explode in six billion years so it won't even matter who wins.

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  • Are your fucking kidding me really? so first we go to a audio clip that's over 10 years old now we go to a newspaper clipping that's almost 30 years old. What's next? should we go for 40, or maybe you should just drudge up stuff form his childhood to use agaisnt him, seriously.

    FYI your newspaper is a well known biased paper.


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  • If you believe thats true whyd you post it anonymously? Also thats all hearsay, we know that Bill Clinton was caught with other women and there's been rape cases settled with him too. How come thats ok but Trumps "lockerroom talk" was a big deal, because he's a liberal?

    • Yeah Trump is a liberal.

  • I think it's disgusting

    that more people don't give a shit about what a criminal Hillary is.

  • That one was a bit harsh I thought - There is a lot of other things you could criticise him om

  • It was a lame joke. Trump has a thing for women. Shocker: News Flash: A NYC billionaire who's been married three times is a womanizer and he follows the tax code. Shit. He even follows the tax code. I can't believe he would do that!