Was she trying to get money off of me?

I went for a driving lesson today.

When I went to the car, I got in the backseat. I was confused. Someone else (her student) was driving in the front. She turned to me and said, "For a little while she will drive, then a little while you will drive."

I paused and said, "So I'll drive for the full hour?" She said yes I will.

However, (and I noted the clock) she almost purposely dropped me off 10 minutes before the lesson was up. My mother got angry at me as though I was rude to her, but I'm wondering if she's not sincere.


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  • It sounds like that.. But why didn't you ask her sooner when you were supposed to drive? She wouldn't have a choise than let you drive.. If she didn't let you drive, even half an hour before the lesson ends, well.. I would make a scene if I were you

    • I told her almost immediately within a minute or two.

      She let the girl drive for 15 minutes then changed spots with me.

      She did take up most of the lesson, like 50-55 minutes. But it just bothered me because I was under the impression she was trying to take advantage a little.

      I came home and felt embarrassed if I over-reacted or not.

      But the more I thought about it, I felt like if she really was sincere she would juts tell me that she wanted to drop the girl off or something and then let me drive.

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    • Do you think I made too big of a deal over it?

      I felt bad because I didn't mean to insult her. She's a person too at the end of the day.

      But I agree the next time I should make it clear with her

    • no.. i don't think you overreacted towards her.. you kinda overreacted towards your mom, but thats happening for almost everyone everyday, right?

  • Yes she was

  • Yeah she sounsd like she was trying to take you for a ride. Get it?