What's with my Boobs?

I just got a new kitten and he is obsessed with my boobs. He love to lay on then, kneed them, put his claws into them, and rest his paws and head on them. I try to get him of but he keeps coming back. I've had many animals before and non of them have done this. I'm kinda uncomfortable and I was wondering if this is normal?


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  • Yes that is normal for a kitten to act like that. I had 2 cats recently that grew up from being kittens and they both had their favorite cuddle spot on me. The first one was on my lap. The second one was on my head or on my lap with a blanket.
    With cats often you just can't change their minds about something but keep trying to denture it from laying on your boobs. Or just don't give it the chance to lay there. After a while it will get the hint and pick another comfy spot. So give it a nice comfy spot that it can lay one and enjoy. :)

    • Awe what do your cats look like 😍

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    • Thanks for MHO have fun with your kitten and do train it while it is young. Cats can be train you just have to learn how to train them.

    • Ok I will and thanks for all the help

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  • Maybe the kitty just likes listening to your heartbeat, like he would his mother. It can be very comforting to new animals.


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