Can a coin falling from the top of the Empire State Building kill you?


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  • No, there's this thing called terminal velocity. May dig into your skull, but unless the terminal velocity is great enough, it shouldn't kill you.


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  • Nope. For at least a penny, it may or may not break skin but that's about it. Terminal velocity for it is going to be about 65 mph, meaning it won't get any faster than that. 65mph isn't fast enough to break bone, let alone kill.

    It will certainly hurt, but that's about it.

    Likewise, it won't work logistically. Why? Because the heavy wind will carry the penny back into the building on a different floor (or so I've heard.)

    • Where did you get 65 MPH? A penny will fall on its edge, so very little air resistance.

    • @zagor The video at 1:14
      65mph isn't exact per say, but they mentioned it as "the upper limits" of what studies have shown

  • A coin is not heavy enough.

  • It can but its low chans that will happen. Its like rain

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