What are my chances of finding a friend to talk to?

I was diagnosed with PTSD, depression and alcoholism a few years ago and because of my problems i no longer have any friends. Its not their fault, i acknowledge I've made it hard because im so withdrawn and dont want to see or talk to them. they have all moved on and have families.

I dont go out, i hide away and i drink non-stop. Im ex army, and im too scared to seek help. Im so lonely though... It really is a catch 22 situation. i dont meet anyone new because my confidence is rock bottom, but my confidence is rock bottom because i dont have any human interaction.

What are my chances of finding people online to talk to? people who are going through the same thing?


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  • I'm very sorry. You must feel so isolated.

    Maybe there's specific websites you could look up so you can chat to people who can relate to how you feel.

    It can feel so lonely when you've no one to talk to who understands what you're going through. There's a huge difference between a person listening and being sympathetic to a person who's empathetic because they've been there too.

    You definitely need to reach out to people , somehow, coz it's not healthy to be so isolated with your feelings and issues. I really hope you find someone.


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  • I think the chances are low but not obsolete, always people willing to talk with someone and be a friend

    • Always support groups out there that can offer a lot of help and various resources to help deal with a multitude of issues.

    • Thanks for the mHo

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  • try to meet other veterans man lol, pretty sure there is a place for that

    but seriously do you have a job? plenty of social interaction

    I still talk to my buddy I met in the army every day tho

  • I can't really help but thank you for your service