I don't talk to many people is that bad?

I am a very introverted person. I will go days without saying a word to anyone. At work I have a couple people I talk to, but thats it. I just don't like sharing my thoughts or ideas. People think im rude when I don't respond but I don't care. I really dont care about other people's lives or views. Society just makes me sick when I go out in public.


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  • No, its not bad at all. That is simply just you. But that way of thinking can cause you to fall back on a lot of advantages in life. Most of everything we do require communication. You don't need to share you inner thoughts or feelings to everybody. But you do have to build trust with somebody you can. Just don't grow bitter and envious of others who are living life differently than you. You can only do you. There is pros and cons to a lot of things. Right now your very sensitive, and that is very understandable. You have real people and then you have fake people. No one with common sense wants anything to do with that. However its how you approach each situation is what's going to matter to others.


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  • I can be that way to small talk and I can come across as rude but when they get to interact with me I'm just shy too. I just don't know what to say.