Why do I always sound hoarse in front of groups and strangers and how to fix it?

since i was a kid i always had a hoarse and cracky voice whenever i talked in class and it made me shy and quiet because it was embarrassing so i didn't talk that much in class after that and it was always so annoying like i would get bad anxiety every morning when they did attendance because i didn't want my "here" to be hoarse so i would cough and try to clear my throat and plus sometimes i would accidentally slur a word while reading to the class im not sure if it was nerves or because i trying so hard to sound normal. when i was a little kid i had minor speech problems but i went to speech classes for a year or 2 and i was fine i thought. like i can talk perfectly fine with my friends but when it comes to strangers or in a class i sound like a 13 year old boy going through puberty is there a way i can fix this because if i was confident that i would sound clear and wouldn't slur in front of people i wouldn't have a problem because im quite outgoing with my friends

PS. im getting braces could they help me or make my problem worse?


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  • Theatre training would help you to overcome that problem.
    Stage actors are taught how to project power/volume without straining their voice, by speaking from their diaphragm.
    Aside from that, you need to work on your confidence and self esteem.
    I would suggest that you read:
    1. Awaken the giant within (Anthony Robbins)
    2. The instant millionaire (Mark Fisher)


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  • Do you have social anxiety or anxiety in general? I have the same problem when I talk I slur my words and misuse words and replace them with other words sometimes. I catch myself getting annoyed/frustrated with myself when talking. I think it means your anxious and your mind is running faster than the words coming out so it all mixes up which causes you to slur your words. I think my stuttering problem started when I noticed people weren't paying attention to what I was saying, cutting me off, or judging me. There's nothing wrong with you. I have a learning disability and had to take speech class when I was younger and I was behind other kids and learned a lot slower and was put into special ed. My voice changes with who I'm around and who I'm talking too. Some people you feel comfortable with while others make you feel awkward and anxious. It's okay. I don't think it is your braces.