Are looks power? Not just beauty but dressing 'rich'?

I can be the smartest person in the room and I know I won't be treated well unless I dress rich.

Change to other situations in my life where I've been getting Cs in my classes and been treated with utter most respect because I dress well. Not fashionable, but elegantly.

It makes me wonder... is that the key to life? Just dress well and speak well? Because I've practically busted my ass to work super hard on so many different occasions and I haven't dressed up or the person hasn't believed me to have status, it has meant absolutely NOTHING.


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  • That why they say dress for success. Bitches love fancy outfits to. I get surrounded by girls when I dress up. its like they stalk me like strving hyenas. fo real. but if I wear plain clothes they just ignore me.

    • The thing is I was always aspiring to be a very 'smart' person.

      I realize now the tiems when I've shown unbelievable prowess, I have gotten absolutely NO credit if I've not been dressed rich.

      It made me wonder, is there a point to even trying to be the smartest person in the room when it's anyways the person with good appearance (not just looks but appearance) who is given respect and love?

      It is so CRAZY the world we live in

    • It is crazy. I bet u find a lot more stuff like that to. lot more depressing stuff. oNly wen ur around other smart people. but most people are dumb animals. people want charisma more then anything. unless they use more of their frontal lobe. then they can transcend instinct to some extent. but yea. u should use whatchu got. pump out some cleavage and everythin u say will be gold. I wish I could do that.

    • I would never pump out my cleavage. If anything I'd spit on people who thought they could try to take advantage of me.

      But I do find very interesting that all it takes is to dress elegantly (you can be covered from head to toe and still be elegant) to get treated well.

      So very crazy.

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  • depends on the context but dressing and grooming is and has always been important
    it shows a lot about you and it helps you blend or stand out -which can be either good or bad-


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  • Looks are a commodity that lose value over time. A well spoken person can enchant en masse.


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  • image is very powerful

    • I thought that declines once you go to University and people care more about the education and what that person can do.

      I realize now that was never true.

    • it's called product branding
      market yourself the right way and people will buy
      this is because image speaks to people's emotions
      and people are emotional before they are logical
      it's analogous to the tortoise and the hare
      ultimately, logic will win out (just look at the millionaires who dress like average joes)
      but the swiftest path to being heard, is always emotional

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