For how many years did you struggle before finally settling down in your job? And at what age did you start?

So the question says it all... when you got a job and you stared as a junior? How long did you take to become a senior member and what was your struggle like?

Any tips and advices for me? Have you ever felt like giving up or felt that the time is difficult?


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  • It's a continuous learning curve. Or at least it should be. I've done a lot of things, two of which would be considered careers.

    In one, I never really felt like I was a senior. I was just one of the guys, and we were all doing the same thing. But after almost ten years I never felt like I was a master of my trade. However I felt comfortable doing the work within a couple of years.

    In the other career, I think I started to stand out within a year or two. It was something I was very good at and it quickly showed.

    I always thought that when the learning slowed down, then it was time to change jobs. This was especially true with engineering. I worked as a contractor (consultant) and constantly jumped from one company to another. That allows for very fast learning in a variety of specialties. However "job hopping" may be a negative depending on the where you live and the profession.

    My advice would be to learn as much as you can about your chosen field of work. Never stop learning. If you have a choice of jobs, seriously consider the one you think will give you better experience. Prioritize experience and learning over pay. Almost every field has specialties. Learn where the demand is, and move in that direction by self-learning and choice of jobs.

    Quality experience is far better than quantity of experience. (within reason) You want enough years of experience so companies won't turn you away due to lack of experience. Beyond that it's all about the quality and type of experience. Don't become complacent and work below yourself. Keep moving forward.

    This is your career. Make yourself good at it.


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  • Didn't struggle much about a year to get used to it, I climbed very fast and promoted 5-7 times in 2 years, Now I'm the 10th highest out of near 100 people in the company. I started working when I came out of finishing study from 18 years old.

    • Wow. Would love to have that opportunity. I keep landing in companies who want me but not to pay me fairly. I'm extremely tech savvy and innovated with communications. So over hired for one thing and then end up doing comm work because I cost less. This is even after an Econ degree.

  • I had a strange route - I was in my final year of university and got bored, I got a full time job in the civil service but went back and did final exams in May - I end up staying in civil service, after about 6 years switched to the IT area and have been there for last 18 years. A lot depends on your commitments, I was single with no kids so was somewhat freer to make leaps of faith. I have been very lucky but did take a few gambles.

  • Still in the struggle lol, been working since I was like 12 or so.

  • im struggling since my birth, and still struggling