How do I gain followers on Instagram?

I dont wanna use F4F or those applications which makes you gain followers you dont know at all.


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  • you don't want to gain followers you don't know?

    then you're not going to have many followers unless you know a shitload of people and ask them to follow you.

    • Okay the other option please lol

    • you gotta offer content that is appealing on a wide scale, im talking global scale. and you gotta make them known with hashtags and other tags. get other people to endorse your instagram. if you know the right people, they can get you thousands of followers in a day guaranteed.

    • I upload my pictures only, i doubt people are interested in that. As i said in the other opinion, i just want to be popular around here like my ex.

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  • Being a hot girl helps

    • I guess i will switch gender. My ex used to recieve follow requests daily while i had the same followers number for nearly 6 months.

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