Dont I have the right to be mad?

Husband used my car and got a parking ticket. Never told me about it. I just got mail telling me about it and how its doubled now because he never paid it.
It says a ticket was left on the car but never paid. Which means he's HAD to have seen it.

he says i shouldn't be mad. Really? Its MY car! And he was irresponsible.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah you're right to be angry. He should be responsible, he should pay up. He can't just run away from his mistakes...

    • Exactly. I feel bad because thats my love and best friend at the end of the day, but he needs to learn. I have an urge to pay it for him but I think i'll let him do it on his own and face the consequences.

    • It is best for him to pay it. It's part of the 'lesson'. An unpleasant one for him, but it'll do him good in the longterm

What Girls Said 1

  • You have the right to be mad and him not taking responsibility for his mistake.

    • He shouldve at least told me. Like why hide it? Now im thinking he maybe never saw it. But cmon.. how can you not?

    • Maybe he had too much pride to want you to see it? That or he just completely forgot about it.