Any tips for bad anxiety at the moment?

I have mild anxiety usually (not diagnosed and not on meds), but unfortunately certain things trigger it and make it worse. One of them is my favorite show - The Walking Dead (don't make fun - I know it's stupid to be so affected by a TV show). And the episode last night has severely affected me it seems (I'll give no spoilers). I got maybe 3 hours of sleep last night and barely ate today. And here I am awake at 1:15am, exhausted but palpitating and unable to relax. I am just feeling very alone and suddenly became very aware of my own mortality. And I'm terrified to die. I never really realized how afraid I am of death until now. And out of nowhere, I realized I'm feeling unloved, and like no one would really miss me if I were gone. Which, rationally, I know isn't true. I have very close family and friends, and I know I've affected their lives positively and that I would be missed.

Like I said, I actually have a very good support system in my life, but all of my friends and family go to bed early because they have jobs (I work primarily nights). So I can't talk to any of them right now. I'm just awake in bed, shaking, nauseous, thoughts racing, nobody nearby except my dog in bed with me. I also ended a serious relationship recently so I think I'm missing sharing a bed with someone - the presence of other people usually helps me calm down a lot.

Anyway, I rambled too long there. I guess, moral of the story is, I should probably stop watching that dang show lol. Or get back into therapy maybe. But if any of you have advice, comforting words, etc I'd greatly appreciate it right now. Thanks.


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  • Listen to 'Space Ambient' music before sleep. It's very calming, relaxing, and a pleasure to hear when you want to fall asleep.


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  • What i like to do when I start to feel that way is to breathe in for 7 seconds hold it for 7seconds and then release for 7 seconds I start to think of something that i can control like the TV turning off and on I know it's dumb but it makes me feel better after watching a show like that or also
    Try and watch something funny like a kid show that always distracts my mind

    • Lol I usually do the kid show thing and it helps! This time it actually seemed to make it worse though, but I'll put a sitcom on now and see if it does anything. Thanks for answering ❤