Are there many Persian women that like Southeast Asian men?

I am a Southeast Asian dude who has been really attracted to Persian women as of late. In my opinion, Persian women are one of the most beautiful ones in the world. I am especially attracted to their mesmerizing eyes that have really caught my interests. However, I am not convinced whether Persian women are into Southeast Asian men. I would appreciate if someone from Persian background can answer my question.


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  • Sorry, but I don't think there are many girls of any race who are attracted to Asian guys.

    • You are not even from Persian background. I can tell u are from Finland. How do u know Persian women are not attracted to Asian men? Is there any evidence to it?

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    • Yes, I honestly think I am lucky but you shouldn't give up.

    • However, I know for a fact that on average, British white women are the most racist to Asian men. Ironically, I often got rejected by Asian women too. Nowadays, Asian women are leaving us for white men.

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  • It depends on the girl, some of them probably like Southeast men.

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