What's the point of feminism?

Feminism is supposed make women feel empowered. It's supposed to help women gain control of their destinies, take control of their femininity but it's not working is it? Women often say "I won't date a man shorter or skinnier than me" because I want to feel feminine, I want to feel like a woman. Now that's cool, women still want men to control them and how they look and feel. So why the feminism? I don't get it?

You're not taking back control, you are still giving it to men. You need men to make you feel feminine which goes against this movement. So what's the point of feminism. It has achieved very little hasn't it?


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  • See I guess in a way im a feminist (i want equal rights, and pay and all that) but I hate feminism. Especially tumblr feminists, the kind that think all men are disgusting, sex crazed maniacs (bitch you know you want sex just as much as a man, you just dont admit it). And feminists hate on other feminists. They also believe in rejecting actually helpful inventions (roofie detecting nail polish, and anti-rape tights) I don't know i think its stupid.

    • This movement seems like it's in a pickle. But what does this have to do with my question?

    • A lot, they go against there own movement. For example, feminists have been bitching about rape for years, then they come up with an idea of nail polish that can detect rape drugs and save thousands of girls form rape. Feminists bitch even more saying "thats horrible! thats promoting rape culture! I dont wanna test my drink!"
      So you hate rape, but dont wanna use something that can protect you from rape?
      thats soo stupid and goes againt the movement
      so what IS the point of feminism, I guess there isent a point.

    • Thank you. You could have summed your entire posts up in one sentence. The extra waffle wasn't needed.

  • Feminism is very important. It exists to bring equality and power to women because we have neither now. I would like to see women be equal to men in our lifetimes. Feminism has brought us a long way (we can vote, we have reproductive rights) but there is still a long and arduous battle to be fought.


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  • To help you sleep at night

    • It's a failure like the European Union.