I fear getting tired?

My manager as threatened my job a few times before. I'm another manager there. He would always say I can let you go at anytime. He made a comment once how i looked tired and it was bad for business. Yet he comes hungover almost everyday. He picks on me all the time. He has an attitude sometimes and I talked to him once how I don't like how he talks to me. He said I have an attitude too. I only try and stick up for myself. The thing when we disagree or fight it's back m, but then we get along very well too. He came back from vacation like two weeks ago and has been extremely nice. Like almost two nice. Treats me like a person. I talked to him about going back to school.

today I was a little tense, and got annoyed with him, but stopped right away.
Him being too nice is scaring me to be honest. The district manager is coming tomorrow and I feel like he makes up stories to her about me. Sometimes he makes me feel like my job is on the line. Actually all the managers there are being too nice and friendly with me. It's weird
But technically I can't get fired without him giving a proper reason. My cousin use to work with the company.
He is like this with other people too. Even part timers
i don't get why he is being super nice. Like too nice


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  • that sounds like too much drama. i don't like playing guessing games about my job. maybe you should find a different one.


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  • Who cares