How do I detach myself?

There's a girl that I work with and I've been working her for a few months. We became good friends, so good that she even called me her best friend. We talk everyday and we kinda flirted a little sometimes and she's cool and nice and stuff. I started to kinda like her but she talks to another guy at our work and apparently they mess around with each other and I just heard today from two people that they date apparently. So I already am feeling bad enough that I kinda missed my chance with her and I want to be friends with her still. So can anyone give me some advice on how to detach myself from her? I just don't wanna feel bad when I see him talking to her and stuff. It brings an ache in my stomach and my heart when I see em together. So any advice? any would be appreciated.


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  • 1) know that your mind and actions are to blame. Now you gotta work it. 2) do what it takes to detach yourself. Cry, throw away thing that reminds you of her, ignore her, Unfriend her on fb etc, 3) notice her flaws and hate it. That way you can find her unattractive and dislike her as future date. 4) bounce back and keep yourself busy.

    • I still wanna be friends with her but I just don't wanna have deeper feelings for her and care that she's with another guy. or messing and talking to him.

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    • lol I don't cry and I won't get extremely jealous but I'll try to forget her n stuff and try to find things unattractive in her. Yeah maybe ignore. I could text back slower and act more distant.

    • Wellllllllll that may be. No!! No no no text. No. Text. No text zone, you know better. Nooooooooooo. Your undoing what you did in the first place. It's hard but human mind can't move on and break apart unless you do what it takes mr. Anderson. After all this you can get bk with her as a friend.

  • You just accept it. There's nothing to detach.

    • lol I gotta detach my feelings away cuz I don't wanna feel bad

    • You let yourself feel bad and it will pass faster than if you fight it.