Looking for a Action, Adventure, Magic, and Romance anime to watch any suggestions?

I've already seen Fairytail and a few others like what I'm looking for. But any suggestions I'd appreciate them as I am always looking for new ones to watch.


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  • Sadly all those together plus romance is hard to find, especially a good one.

    You can try mirai nikki, not much magic but a little bit kinda.

    • I actually love mirai nikki, it's one of my top 10 favorites ever.

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    • You can try steins gate, or the new re:zero

    • Re:zero I liked and hope it gets another season. Ram and Rem are my favs in that show, and in my eyes are better than Emilia.

      Steins Gate I'm yet to watch, and for some reason I keep putting it off I don't know why lol

  • Vampire knight, space dandy, girls bravo and sword art online

    • Never seen Girls Bravo, but have seen the others. Is it really good?

    • Pretty crazy! It's about girls from another planet that men are a very rare thing. So this one guy (lucky bastard) some girls basically go back to earth and obsess over him. I liked it

    • I will have to look into it thanks

  • rakudai kishi no cavalry.


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