What do you do when your faith and confidence is completely broken?

My parents pretty much did that deed well too. They always told me I have no personality or intelligence while growing up and compared me to other girls. And the fact I am mentally slow which makes matters worse for me.

anyways I'm 25, no job, no money, no firends or boyfriend my parents never allowed it while growing up... never had birthdays accept when I was really young, nor ever graudated, never had 'the first kiss', I always wanted to see Disney land but never did.

I keep fighting for success in my life but always fall down or turns into nothing... i feel like falling into a wonderful deep sleep and never wake up back to my life again.

what should I do to feel better right now?


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  • The important thing is that you are working toward your goals. A trick that I learned is to set smaller goals something you can do to work toward your GED on a daily or weekly level so you have those smaller more frequent victories to feel good about your progress and stay on track.


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  • I remember that the best way to the success consists of constant failures, pain and even tears sometimes. When I lose something, I still remember that maybe I lost today but tomorrow will be day of my winnings.

    Never lose faith in yourself and If it still happens, take all the failures as gifts from life, why gifts? because they give us lessons what we shouldn't do in the future.
    Do you want to have a first kiss? Then have. First kiss and Disneyland are not things that measure your success. But your will power, wish to succeed and hard work.

    Do not let your parents to compare you to others anymore, you are the only one, you have your own strong and weak sides. Work on your weak sides and use your strong sides. That's it, formula of success.


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  • Remember that all these things that you are describing are things that SOCIETY is telling you that you need to do. None of them are as important as you yourself are.


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  • That's rough... I'm sorry to hear that you've had such little encouragement and support throughout your life...

    What have you tried doing? You said that you're pursuing success, but not achieving it...

    The only reason I ask that is... what are you striving for? I remember when I was 14, I wanted to be a prostitute because that was all I felt like I'd be good at :/ What would make you feel like you've accomplished something?

    • I'm studying for my GED but since I mentally slow its taking me a long time in finishing it

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    • You live in a rough area, where you have to earn your value... this shouldn't be the case... what is your faith?

    • I don't know what ny faith I really but I feel like nothing good will ever happen