Thought on this quote "It's not the war but the cause the country's fighting for"?


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  • More bullshit to get men to sacrifice themselves for someone else's benefit.


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  • Agreed. But those that are in power will always tell us that the cause we are fighting for is a justified cause or is that it is right or perhaps that it is necessary and they don't want us to ever question to doubt them on whether if they had any other hidden motives, hidden agendas any other underlying causes as to why are we fighting a war, and who has the most to benefit from the results of the war?

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    • Not us. We, the citizens, are expendable for the state and kill each another for their own purposes.
      Some say it's sweet to die for a country but i quote veterans from WW2, who said, that there is nothing sweet about it. You just die out like a poor dog for nothing meaningful and there is nothing sweet about it.

    • It's true that those in power don't want us to know the real reason. Most wars are fought because of the benefit of a rich person. That statement just tries to delude us into thinking we are doing the right thing.

  • I agree. I don't think people fight just to fight, they fight to not fight anymore, to protect their loved ones

  • whats the context? on the face of it i can't disagree with it as a statement but to me all war is bollocks