Best anime like Monster or Death Note?

Yeah animes look really good but I am not a big anime fan since I don't like most animes in the world.

I only loved Death Note, and the mysteric feelings of "Monster".

Are there any other nice mysteric animes like these ones?


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  • I love Death Note
    Try Deadman Wonderland and Soul Eater, oh and Black Butler.


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  • I dont like the style of death note so I did not watch the content but always heard others talked about it.
    I like Bastard it, I guess it base on christian framework but dont know how does it talk about.
    Have not seen the final episode, It is strange... to see something in it
    because it is said nerd who draw anime they can draw something mystery instead cause they draw in a close room.
    It let me think I saw a justic warrior in my country who cry finally that I foresee
    It is like it. The justic warrior finally met paradox and can not save what he has done.

  • I really like Ergo Proxy. It has a really mysteric vibe to it until you get to like the last two episodes. Also "K" is a pretty good one.

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