Feminists are sort of like the American south. Agree or disagree?

Now, I reliaze there are racists in the north too, in fact I just saw a story about a girl in Michigan that was experiencing racism at her school, but generally, the south, which fought for freaking SLAVERY, is still generally racist. I'm comparing feminism to the American south though because they're kind of like "yeah, slavery is gone, and blacks have the same rights as whites now, but I'm still racist against them, the first amendment protects that (freedom of speech).

Am I right, or amiright?


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  • The south where they routinely try to sneak in laws that restrict women's access to healthcare and let's people be discriminated against because they might look gay? That South? Because I don't see many similarities between them and feminists apart from both have women in their populations.


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  • Some of the most racist people I've meet are New England democrats.

    • I know, I'm not saying that the north isn't racist, I'm saying, are feminists, like the American south