How to become less awkward?

I never really realized how awkward of a person I was until yesterday lmao
i was trying to say something to my teacher but then my words got all twisted up and I was pausing between every word and stuttering. I could tell he wasn't even understanding what I was trying to say. And what i was trying to say wasn't even that difficult to explain.

Then it happened again when I was trying to explain something different to a few people.

So I thought about it and realized that this happens all the time when I'm talking to people that I'm not close with. So teachers, waiters at restaurants, any stranger, even some friends that I'm not BEST friends with.

How do I fix this?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Lol you sound just like my boyfriend. Something that helped me get over my issues with talking to people was practice. I'd come up with scenarios and have conversations with myself (out loud) just so I'd know what to say. This comes in handy for job interviews and school presentations. I practice and practice and when the time comes for me to talk it's not as awkward anymore and I already know what and how I want to say things.


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  • I have this too sometimes. I feel somekind of fear inside me which cause me to become nervous. And then i start to stutter and mumble. I have this with friends too just like you said.


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  • know that everyone who you speak with is going to die and then there will be no account of the awkwardness so there's no reason to feel awkward about it


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  • Well sadly I am also awkward but I embrace my awkwardness and try to make everyone else feel awkward. But if that doesn't work then just practice talking to people. If you talk to strangers it's better because you won't ever see them again especially when you mess up.