What shows have you seen live?

I've seen:
Riverdance 4 times
Lord of the dance 2 times
Criss Angel mindfreak
And Cake boss live lol

Then I've seen a bunch of things when I was little like Peter Pan and other stuff I don't remember


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  • Musicals:

    - Les Miserables
    - The Commitments
    - Phantom of the Opera
    - Hairspray
    - Kinky Boots
    - Little Shop of Horrors
    - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    - Shrek the Musical :P
    - Probably more to be honest

    And I watched stuff like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast and othr pantos, stuff like that when I was smaller.


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  • Wicked
    The Lion King musical
    Jersey Boys
    Cirque de Soliel- Ka
    And The Beatles Cirque de Soliel show too

    Deff more but those are the ones that stand out in my memory.

  • Notre dame de Paris, it's the only show I've seen


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