What is life really about?

I don't know anymore.


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  • This is a very vague question, so I fear I can only give a vague answer.

    I think living life is seeking personal happiness. Personal happiness is unique to each person, but I think it involves taking the oppurtunities we are given and making the most of them.

    It's not easy, because often the oppurtunities we are given are ideal. Likewise, sometimes the choices we make are not the best (although we may think they are).

    If happiness was somehow measured quantitatively, it'd look like a jagged graph, like this:

    We hit low points and high points. Generally though, I'd say the average of happiness gets better and better until we hit 60 or so when health problems hurt us. People also often go through a rough time in their teens /early 20s where they have a low point hit. The nice thing is that, by the definition of statistical regression, if we are super sad, chances are it will get better. (We just don't always see this, which is a fundamental reason of many suicides.)

    TL;DR; Life is the pursuit of one's own personal definition of happiness and what makes someone happy differs person to person.


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  • A few days ago, I met an air force veteran. He said we all start as dirt and we will all end as dirt. Do whatever makes you feel happy and proud of yourself because no matter what, the ending is the same.


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  • about finding a place to fit

  • Pain and suffering of course.