I can't get up so early for school?

Since I was young I've always been late to school. It's doesn't help my mom is always late to everything, probably worse than me. It's my senior year and it started with me being about 5-10 minutes late. Then my cousellor switched me to a study hall 1st period since my mom drives me. No matter what time are I'm in the car my mom bitches at me, I'm sick of it. I try as hard as I can and just can't get in the car any earlier. I get there before 2nd. Like yesterday, she just left me home. I mean I'm trying as hard as possible. I can't wake up early. It's too early. All she does is bitch at me. That makes me not want to do anything. I've pretty much gave up after yesterday. I mean why keep trying if even the hardest I can do gets me picked on, in trouble, and bithced at? Today I didn't wake up until 730 and I didn't even get up since KY lol yelled up and said ill never make it there on time since I still have to shower and all that. She starts bitching, etc. I've just given up. I can make it before 2ND but that too late for my ride. I just feel the only thing I can do is dropout because I can't get up early enough.


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  • DROP OUT!!! You can't get it together, so many can't so quit this rat race & join the late risers before it kills you, NOT TO MENTION your poor mom, already overworked (do you ever help her with her chores? = not reading that).
    MANY late risers work the late shift no one else wants and eventually get promoted to the coveted "swing shift" 11-7 to serve those running the race race & their schedules... after all, its THEY that make the big bucks and drive new cars, etc.
    YES indeed if not a student, you'll have to pull your weight by working but I suggest something in food, so you also get free eats and since you'll be on an entirely different schedule that meals at home, you are covered & free as a bird. One thing to note - it's important - if you're late to work, you get fired & have to pound the streets looking all over again... with this cross to bear b/c potential employer WILL know about late-fired episodes.
    I FEEL for you buddy!
    On the other hand, my friend was always making family late but it was more a passive-aggressive thing, unlike you. Eventually he become captain of his swim team, which begins workouts @ 6:30am, sometimes workouts after school and meets (games against other schools) weekends... and swimming is year-round. When he graduated, he got into a great college, then super job offers after that. He does what he wants, buys whatever now.


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  • You should see a doctor and get some blood work done. There are a lot of really simple conditions that can make you very tired so it could be easy to fix


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  • Bud, I hate to be "that adult" but I don't buy this "I can't get up any earlier!" stuff.

    You sound like my little teen brother who makes the same excuse. You CAN get up earlier, it's just hard and you don't want to. If you have to go to bed earlier and set ten alarms a few minutes apart from each other and shower the night before. If you decide to drop out now kiddo you're going to sincerely regret it - you can't even work at Subway without a high school diploma.

    • LMFAO I'm a lazy cunt too and I set like 10 alarms. ffs

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    • You see it's not even the "I can't get up" it's more of I can't deal with EVERYTHING I do getting bitched at. I get and do the best I can, my mom bitches and says "you could have done better you just don't seem to realize anything." Do I just get sick of trying my hardest so I just start home now. I mean if my best isn't good enough then why try.

    • That's life kiddo, I've had my fair share of constant bitching from my rents too, but look at it this way: it's better for them to constantly nag at you to do better than it is for them to not give a damn if you fail.

  • Just get the fuck out of bed and quit being a lazy twat.

    Go to bed ealrier if you feel you're not getting enough sleep.

    Ain't that hard.

    • "Go to bed earlier" the most ignorant comment I've read. If you can just "go to bed earlier" then I absolutely wish I was you. I already go to bed "early." I go and lay there with my eyes closed trying to sleep for over an hour as it is. So the simple comment of "go to bed earlier" is pretty ignorant.

    • Again "go to bed earlier" isn't a solution. I get 9 hours of sleep on school nights, it's the time that's the problem. I came easily get 6-7 a night if my body naturally wakes up. Also, "ain't" isn't a work. You seem pretty stupid. :/

    • Ain't is a word actually.

      Fine dont go to bed earlier. How about just getting out of bed then. Get up earlier if you have to. There is literally NOTHING stopping you.

  • Same Hahaahha


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