Having lazy days?

how many days a week do you allow yourself to have a lazy day or two every week? i feel like every Friday and Sunday i just have a day where i chill and just watch netflix or make myself some tea and do some reading. is it bad that i do this a couple days per week? i'm a university student so it's not like i'm never productive, i just need to wind down.


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What Guys Said 2

  • A long time I guess, I will try.
    I think it is going to be bad in future like you only feel one day.
    But still should be tested.

  • Maybe a Sunday morning


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  • I usually give myself Sunday as my lazy day. Part of Saturday can be lazy as well, though I'm usually more productive since that's my cleaning and laundry day.

    • same! Sunday is like a lazy day, but still kind of productive at the same time lol

    • Yeah, I don't sit on the couch ALL day, but it is my day to veg out more so than any other day. I still do a bit of cleaning here and there.

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